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Termites eat the wood that is holding your home together. East Texas is considered a high risk area for termites. Check any exposed wood in or around your home and look for small "burrows" in the wood. Is the wood solid or crumbling?

Take a screwdriver and use the handle to knock on walls throughout your home. If you have areas that sound hollow you may have termite damage. Look for swarms of termites when they are leaving the nest to spread the colony. This doesn't always occur, so if you don't see a swarm it doesn't mean you don't have termites, it is just a good indicator when they do.

To lessen your chances of getting termites in your home move all stumps and wood in the yard away from your home. Do not put mulch too close to the exterior walls of your home. Don't feed the termites with any wood near your home.

Termites can be stopped but it needs to be done quickly before structural damage occurs to your home. We have a certified applicator ready to inspect your home and treat it if necessary. Call us today!