Mosquitoes carry a multitude of diseases through your front door. The Zika virus has been the latest newsmaker in a long line of diseases that have followed in the mosquito's wake. Protect your family. Our service provides a once a month spray of your outside living areas. This service is provided April through October during the peak mosquito months. Mosquito service can be extended upon request. Pre-pay customers will receive a 10% discount off the entire mosquito season sprayings.


Our technician trucks all sport the “Mosquito Man” sign and we are excited to announce that we now offer a new, optional addition to our stand-alone spray treatment.   Much of the research money for this new green trap was provided by Bill and Melinda Gates and was even used in drinking water by the World Health Organization to target mosquito larvae and combat malaria. In East Texas while we don’t have malaria, we do have 3 species of mosquitoes that can be carriers of the Zika virus. This trap works to eliminate the day time biters by allowing the female to transfer the adulticide and larvicide to other breeding grounds once she has laid her eggs, essentially killing the mosquito larva before it has a chance to mature to a biting adult.  While it’s not recommended as a stand-alone treatment, if a true green option is what you prefer, we can suggest other environmentally friendly ideas to pair with these traps.  Night time biters, such as the Culex mosquito, like to hang out 8-10 feet above ground and prefer breeding in knot holes in trees. By pairing the traps with our barrier spray and removal, reduction and treating of breeding sights, you will be eliminating the day time and night time biters.  This is by far the best overall course of action in reducing mosquitoes.  Regular treatments are key, and we offer a pre-payment plan with a discount for the upcoming summer months.